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Ice Queen ~~
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Asmara Morthil Fairbairn~~

Ask me anything or ask Asmara :D/Pregúntame lo que quieres o pregunta a Asmara :D

Yayyyy, Asmara has her plz account :D :iconasmaraplz:

:iconasmaraplz: : Don't be rude with me...I'm very shy >-<


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Asmara: Winter Spirit Jack Frost: name is J

If Asmara meets Jack Frost...maybe this would happen xDD



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28/12 mi cumpleañooos, seran 20!!! mesientovieja(?)

La entrevista de Raikichi --->…
No me di cuenta de ponerla en mi galeria y la puse solo para el grupo xD

El 95% de las adolecentes entrarian en panico si Justin Bieber amenazara con saltar de un 25 piso. El otro 4,9% estaria abajo sentado con palomitas diciendo "QUE SALTE! QUE SALTE!" . Copia y pega esto si eres de el 0,1% que sube y lo empuja.


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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 9:02 AM
As of May the twenty first, deviantART will be deleting ALL dA accounts. Not the plz accounts though. But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly may happen in the future. If we find this message on you're deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that you are not a fake.

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I was tagged by :iconmewmewprincess101: MewMewPrincess101


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My five facts:

1: Even read my story?
Yep :3
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3: Nop
4: UH?!
5: Asmara Morthil Fairbairn(?)

My questions:
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4) Cuál de tus OC's es mi favorito.

5) Una pregunta y tendrás que responderla.

6) Algo que me gusta de ti o de tus dibujos.

7) Un sobrenombre.

8) Lo que estoy haciendo en este momento.

9) A qué comida/sabor/olor me recuerdas.

10) Que hagas esto en un nuevo journal si no lo hiciste.

A very long time ago, when the elves lived together in Odarga, it was to happen one of the most important events that happened in all the history of Arunia.

In that time it was very easy to see a lovely couple formed between a Moon Elf and a Sun Elf because in that time they used to live together in Odarga. They believed in the great elvish goddess Eanna, Queen of the Erani and the protector of life. The elves weren’t the only people who believed in Eanna; other races like Liths, Kaleiks and Humans believed in her too. For them, when a person died, the soul travelled to the Erani in the Ascension ritual and when the soul arrived to that place, Eanna greeted them and since this moment the soul started to live in the Erani.

But one day, the peace in Odarga finished. The Moon Elves started to say that they should had a more spiritual relation with their goddess, but the Sun Elves weren’t agree. Eanna, seeing that the possibility of a war between them would happen, decided to do something to avoid it.

The elvish goddess went to an ancient forest in Odarga, near a shrine dedicated to her. The forest was a sacred place where only Eanna and the priests could enter.

Eanna stopped in front of a group of crystals that had a very beautiful palette of blue colours. She smiled and touched the crystals. Then, her magic made the crystal glow and a purple lotus flower appeared. She smiled again and started to sing a little verse that was in Kadan, the language of the Old Kingdom.

“Maie nereik oergl”

When she said that, the crystals shone again and the lotus flower opened. A blue sphere with a crystal like appearance appeared. Then the goddess touched the sphere and a light appeared inside it. Enna moved her hand and the light started to take a form. An animal form. After saying a spell to protect the crystal, Eanna decided to go and see the situation in Odarga.

The situation wasn’t very good. The argues between them started to be more and more aggressive and they were very near to start a war.

“Elves, listen to me” Eanna said

The elves turned to see their goddess. Her body, that was glowing, had a soft but powerful light that could calm down including the most aggressive beast in the world.

“In seven days, a creature created by me will be born” she said and continued “And when she  opens her eyes, a few light will be created by her to guide the elves who want to leave Odarga to go to new places for leave”

After saying that, the goddess disappeared.

Seven days later, the crystal started to break and a little fawn got out of it. She was white like the most pure white snow and her hooves were golden. And then, she opened her eyes, a sapphire like eyes. When she did this, a few lights appeared and Eanna sent them to guide the elves to new places for live.

The majority of the elves went to Ildis. They were Moon Elves and they decided to live in Ildis. Another group of elves went to the East, another to the West and another to the South. Only a few of them decided to stay in Odarga.

Later, Eanna went to stroke the fawn, her daughter in part, because the fawn was created by Eanna.

“You did a great work, my darling…Let me put you a name. Erynia, the protector of light”

Erynia jumped with happiness.

“And I bless you with the immortality”

Eanna wanted to see the peace between the Elves and with other races, but she knew that it would be impossible because always there were going to be argue between the people.

“Come on Erynia, lets go back home”

The little white fawn followed her creator to the sacred kingdom that Eanna ruled, but that fawn was going to see again because one year later, Erynia was a full grown deer and she started to live in the woods, travelling around different places of Arunia. Since that moment, Erynia has been travelling, watching the world that is protected by Eanna.

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